Lean forward. and discover a better you —

Smart. stylish and highly functional. Sunrise Stool is an innovative stool that you truly want.

Hidden beneath the flat cushioned seat is some witty little surprise. One end of the stool is adjustable. allowing us to rest at an inclined position.

When you lean forward. the seat inclines and the sitting height reduces. Similar to the idea of a seesaw – as one end goes down. the other goes up.

Made with meticulous craftsmanship. this unique stool represents a well balance of lightness. stability and flexibility.

If you want to see yourself clearly. take a seat and look straight into the mirror. Sunrise Stool can also be a good companion for your sofa.

Another noteworthy detail is the leather belt that connects the seat and the footrest. The conflict and balance among different materials in a way generates a sense of aesthetic.

W46 x D33.7 x H42 cm

Oak Wood

Fully Assembled