Sleek yet elegant. modern yet traditional —

Inspired by the long loose sleeves in Chinese traditional clothing. Sleeve Chair gives nod to the classics with a smart. modern twist.

Comfortable and refined. Sleeve Chair is designed with an emphasis on ergonomics. The flowing line. combined with a plump yet minimalistic silhouette. gives the chair a sleek and contemporary appearance.

Sleeve chair features legs that are slender and seats slightly sunken. When you lean on it. the sleeve-like armrests and backrest give you a delicate sensation of being hugged in the tenderest way – it transforms the simple gesture of sitting into something much more elegant and graceful.

The Sleeve comes in two models. theSleeve Chairand the Sleeve Barstool.

W50.3 x D52.3 x H111 cm

Oak Wood+E0 Plywood with veneer

Fully Assembled