你睡前時光的幸福感,往往與床頭櫃所承載的生活方式, 息息相關。 好設計不只是功能的疊加,而是更人性化的去繁就簡。 人們被越來越多的電子設備等物質 “追隨”甚至到睡前的 一刻,好設計不是一一滿足,而應和你一起取捨,梳理優先級;同時,個性化的情緒需求,需要保留一處空問承載展示,才能進入美好的睡眠,做到這些,是一個好的床頭 櫃應該有的品質,也是Open Source Bedstand 的設計初衷。

A good design is not just a superposition of functions, but a more humane way to reduce complexity and make it simple.
People are being “followed” by more and more substances such as electronic devices even to bedtime.  For a moment, a good design is not to be satisfied one by one, but to choose with you, to sort out the best and lead you to have a quality sleep.
This is the design inspiration of the Open Source Bedstand. 

Pre-order: LT 6-8weeks

LOW: W40 x D41 x H44 cm
HIGH: W40 x D41 x H55 cm

LOW:  E0 Plywood + Powder coated + Vaneer (Base) + Aluminium 
HIGH: E0 Plywood + Vaneer ( Boday+ Base) + Glass door + Alumium

Fully Assembled