Function of lamps

1. Cold White or Warm White: single cold white or single warm white, no remote control.
2. changeable: cold white/warm white/natural white, 3 color light changeable, no remote control.
3. RC remote dimming: 2800K (warm white) – 6000K (cold white) any remote control dimming or switchable light color.
4. APP with RC Dimmable: with APP/Remote Control function,Brightness dimmable,color temperature changeable.

Description of lamps

length 500mm,width 400mm,height 50mm,
length 630mm,width 500mm,height 50mm.
Power: 500mm-36W,630mm-56W.
Applicable area: 500mm 8-15 square meters,630mm 12-20 square meters.
Product material: aluminium,ironware,acrylic.
Voltage: 110V/220V/AC90-265V(Available in all countries).
If you are from Brazil, please leave me a message with the voltage you need.
Factory direct sales,100% good quality,lowest price,wholesale please contact customer service.

▲Size length 500mm,width 400mm,height 50mm▲

▲Applicable area:8-15 square meters▲

▲Warm white▲

▲Turn off the light effect▲

▲Neutral Light▲

▲Look up the effect▲

▲Power:optional 36W,56W▲

▲Product material:aluminium,ironware▲

▲Lampshade material: Acrylic▲

▲Size length 630mm,width 500mm,height 50mm▲

▲Applicable area:12-20 square meters▲