Product description

features: 1. This is a modern and simple style lamp, suitable for all kinds of houses. 2. Fashionable, warm and lively. 3. Suitable for living room, dining room, dining room, kitchen, study, bedroom, office, etc. Specifications: Color: Gold / Brown Material: Tieyi Light source: LED Color temperature: warm white / cold white / brightness adjustable 1. Cold white: no remote control. 2. Warm white: no remote control. Adjustable brightness: it has cold white, natural white, warm white, can adjust brightness and color, set more bright, and has the ability to switch from cold to warm, can carry out remote control (excluding battery) Voltage: 85V ~ 260V Please pay attention to the voltage when ordering or contact us Size: 40xcm (space: 8-10m 2) 50 * 5cm (space: 10-12m2) 60xcm (space: 12-15m 2) Package content: 1 * lamp