>>Product specifications<<

Product name: Modern long pole rotating ceiling lamp;
Voltage: AC110-260V;
Whether to include light source: not included;
Body color: gold, white, black;
Material: wrought iron;
Process: grinding, cutting;
Applicable places: living room, dining room, bedroom, dining room, study, etc.;

Warranty: 3 years

>>Picture display<<
1: Energy saving and environmental protection
2: Soft light effect
3: Durable
4: Quality Assurance
5: Creative appearance design
6: High-quality materials
Five colors are available
Beautiful and romantic
Pursuing simplicity and refinement, this is an art that is simple and clean in the senses, and more elegant in taste and thought.
Dear friend. The gold of our model C is actually this color. Very elegant and beautiful. hope you like it.
installation steps
1. Punch holes in the ceiling first, and then knock the plastic gecko into the ceiling (pictured);
2: Assemble the lamps. All light poles are twisted and installed on the ceiling plate;
3. Connect the household power supply to the lamp to test the lamp, and tie the wires of the same color on the left and right sides of the lamp together. Then connect the power cord on the ceiling to the wire of the lamp. Ensure that the wires are effectively connected (as shown in the figure);
4. Install the flat washer on the self-tapping screw, screw the plastic gecko clockwise through the counterbore of the suction cup to lock the suction cup, (as shown in the figure);
5. Fasten the lampshade on the ceiling plate, and then tighten the screws (as shown in the figure).
product photo
1: Model C/Golden 6-head warm light effect
2: Model C/Gold 6 heads white light turn-on effect
3: Model C/gold 6 heads turn off the light effect
1: Model E/White+Gold 6-head warm light turn-on effect
2: Model D/Black+Gold 6-head warm light turn-on effect
1: Wrought iron paint ceiling tray;
2: Electroplating lamp cup;
3: E27 lamp holder;
Product Details
High-quality iron lamp arm, simple and generous, easy to clean;
1: Use high-quality iron lamp cup, not easy to fade, durable;
2: Iron ceiling plate, strong load-bearing capacity, not easy to rust, anti-corrosion;