Stop running, little ball! I’ll catch up with you.

Jumpy, funny and curious, Leaper Lamper is one lively lamp.

Leaper Lamper is a man-like desk lamp brought to life using modern design. It is an appliance with its own character and injects liveliness to our homes.

The base of the lamp tilts slightly upward; there’s a little ball attached to the base to maintain visual balance, and also act as a light sensor.

This naughty desk lamp looks like it’s losing balance or getting hit by the little ball, the metal lamp shade can be rotated all the way, while the little ball can also be rotated half way. This rotation gives Leaper Lamper different äóÖemotions’, such as curiosity, sadness, happiness, excitement, to name a few. Let’s imagine the fun scene when several of these lamps meet!

Leaper Lamper might give off wobbly feeling, but it is actually very stable, thanks to the cable that connects the little ball and the base together. And because of the special äóÖcurve’ in the design, Leaper Lamper can do what ordinary lamps can’t.

Leaper Lamper is also ziinlife’s tribute to Pixar, as their motivation and desire have always inspired us to explore and be courageous, and to never give up.

111V ~ 240V

21W – 30W

W29 x D17 x H42 cm


Fully Assembled