Simple but not boring, the Handy Box plays with different possibilities of perspective and space to bring us a new experience of íë_íë_íëí�handinessíë_íë_í«íš in life. The slightly-tilted handle makes it easier for lifting – both to a higher place and from lower ground. This special design of the handle fits our grips like no others. And doníë_íë_í«íšt be confused by the uneven edges on the side; it is in fact our little íë_íë_íëí�giftíë_íë_í«íš to our users – a space designed purposely for your hands to get into when Handy box is placed against the wall, or side by side with another Handy Box!

Apart from storage, the Handy Box is also intended to be used as a sofa table, a book shelf, or even a stool when a few of them are stacked together. Be creative, and design your very own Handy Box furniture set!

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S: W16 x D27 x H32 cm
L:W28 x D27 x H32 cm

Oak Wood E0 Plywood with veneer

Fully Assembled