Standing or laying down, alone or combined, this cabinet is always at ease.

Freestyle Cabinet is bright and light, it tastes like summer, and looks like a shadow of a tree.

Inspired by banana leaves, the all-metal Freestyle Cabinet features diagonal lines that go from one plane of the cabinet surface to another, creating interesting angles that look like banana leaves.

This vibrant cabinet can be placed vertically or horizontally to suit the needs of different space. The absence of doors and the open top allows the enclosed metal plate to act as a tea table while attached, as well as a removable tea tray.

The design is meant to be open and flexible, giving you a brand new experience. Whether you use it as a coffee table, bedside table, a home for plants, or a cat’s cradle, Freestyle Cabinet lives as it wishes.


Vertical : W32 x D32 x H65 cm
Horizontal : W50 x D32 x H46 cm

Solid Wood & Metal

15 mins