It has always been a challenge for Ziinlife to express the traditional Chinese culture in a modern way and we completed the mission once again.

The Foochow Lounge Chair

Each city is home to unique cultural carriers.

They can be language. food. festivals or sport.

In the inland river culture of Fuzhou. dragon boat culture stands as an important part.

In Fuzhou. the city allegedly with the largest number of divinities in the country.

the dragon boat race has been blended into the distinctive folk beliefs.

Thereafter. the shape of the dragon boat head also includes other totems

such as elephants. horses. tigers. lions. etc.

A special angle. and line. formed by the head of most totems with horns or wings.

seems to be a back and armrest of an abstract chair.

The person sitting at the head of the boat

is often the most respected spiritual leader in the team.

The rowers in the accelerated rhythm of drums and trumpets.

bravely forge ahead for the collective honor and shared simple faith.

FooChow Chair. as a microcosm of urban culture.

is in a simple and implicit design language.

We present such a unique and unsophisticated culture through a chair.

as a tribute to the city. and we wish to integrate culture into our everyday life.

W69 x D65 x H71cm

Oak Wood+E0 Plywood with veneer

Fully Assembled