Fading, appearing. Another visual elegance of metal.

Using metal as its main material, Fade Cabinet works with light and shadow to portray visual elegance. The cabinet leads our eyes to see between visible and invisible, shifting from one view to another.

The metal door of Fade Cabinet is made of ascending numbers of gaps that expresses a feeling of tight vs. loose and visible vs invisible. There’s mystery when you look into the cabinet as if you’re looking through a nice filter.

The topless design of Fade Cabinet consists of three different storage spaces from top to bottom: a closed one, a fading one and an open one.

You’re welcome to place your favourite plants on the top shelf of Fade Cabinet, and allow them to grow as high as they want. Or how about that long vase or the large painting you just finished? Fade Cabinet has no top, therefore you have no restrictions either.

W85 x D42 x H148 cm

Metal &Solid Oak Wood

60 mins