Weave light into “threads”
Exploring the Boundaries of Light and Space
“Rope of Light” is a sculpture of space.  We combined existing light strips with traditional weaving techniques, using 4 soft light strip is woven into a twist-like shape, showing the dynamic of “weaving” light
The streamer light is delicate and soft, and different weaving techniques give it a new luminous form like the “rope of light” intertwined in the space, creating unique elegant lighting aesthetics.


The total length = 500cm,  light belt = 300cm, leather belt = 100cmx2
Tube diameter 4.5cm
Single net weight 3.7KG
COB light source
4000k (actual color temperature is about 3500-3800 affected by the silicone tube)

Dimmer: Yes
Color temperature is adjustable: No
Waterproof: No
Accessory: Remote control x 1 

Aluminum, leather, silicone tube COB light strip
Brand carton packaging (need to install)
Installation instructions are included in the product package
Warranty: 12 months 



** installation service by Ziinlife is not available for this product **