A ladder with more fun and a shelf with more flexibility.

Different from a traditional shelf, Day Day Up Ladder Shelf is designed to be more minimal, more flexible and more fun.

Shaped like a ladder, its design is inspired by bamboo. The bottom section can be removed, making it easy to be transported. There are many ways to use this shelf, according to your likings. You can casually throw your garment on each äóÖshelf’ of the ladder, or add your own hangers, hooks and/or drawers on the shelf to create a whole different storage solution.

A mirror is attached to the side of Day Day Up Ladder Shelf; it can be adjusted to allow user to see from different angles. The circular, metallic shape on the upper left of Day Day Up Ladder Shelf echoes the mirror in a perfect way to maintain visual balance.

The combination of wood and metal, accentuated by meticulous design details make Day Day Up Ladder Shelf a unique one that is gentle, staunch and cool, all at once.

W63.3 x D 9.7 x H207cm

Oak Wood& Metal + E0 Plywood with veneer

30 mins