IN-STOCK ITEMS: Order cut off Jan 15 2022

Do you hear me? When we are whispering, the coffee table whispers too.

There’s friendship among furniture, where they interact with one another with endless topics to talk about. As an inspiration, we incorporate the idea of äóÖspeech bubble’ into Chit-chat Coffee Table, adding amiability and liveliness to it. When several Chit-chat Coffee Table are placed together, it looks as if they are whispering to each other.

While we, as human, enjoy chatting, we also long for privacy. Hence we bring you a coffee table with a screen attached.

Resembling a speech bubble, the screen set at eye level separates table and table to avoid awkward eye contact with strangers. The fretwork on the screen allows light to get in, keeping the atmosphere bright and open. The screen is also movable, allowing users to adjust its position to better serve its purpose as a separator. The entire table can be folded and stored easily.

Be a friend, like ziinlife. Chit-chat Coffee Table creates a relaxing vibe for every dining and coffee experience, giving the right balance between openness and privacy.

W78 x D78 x H72 ( Fold H115 ) cm


15 mins